Help fix Internet advertising for users, sites, and brands.

We help web sites warn you when your browser is vulnerable to a well-known flaw called third-party tracking. In most cases you need to install software to protect yourself.

When you protect yourself from third-party tracking, you are doing the whole Web a favor. You're helping to:

  • Protect the sites you use from data leakage and advertising fraud.
  • Keep the brands who advertise to you from supporting malicious software and illegal sites.

You can help advertisers spend less on the annoying ads that follow you around the web, and more on ads that help pay for the web sites you use.

Am I protected?

Take the Aloodo tracking protection test to see if your browser is safe.

Install a simple security tool to protect yourself and the web

Several kinds of third-party tracking protection are available. Some good options are listed on the tracking protection page.

For brands and publishers

Add Aloodo warnings or reverse tracking walls to your site: Howto.

Questions? Suggestions?

Post an issue on the project on GitHub. Stories in Ready